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Brushing off the dust...

Oh lionfishfancies! How neglected thou hast been!

Since I've finished my novel, I've been seriously thinking about painting some kickass covers. Helen is potential cover #1. This is a sketch for potential cover #2...which also has Helen in it. I can't help that her red hair is such an eye-catcher! I think I may do one with Nehara and Anestan next, taking some "creative liberties" with the story. Or maybe Farahd and Anestan. He could be all noble and she could be all sneaky-looking.

Here's the rough sketch. I'm going to try and do some refining later. I'm very busy this September, and while I'll have time to write, I don't know how much time I'll have to sit my butt in front of this computer (laptop's screen isn't very good with colors + doesn't have the RAM for a big painting like this).

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