dance of blades


Sometimes I think moths are prettier than butterflies. So...moth fairy! I based her wings off the Atlas Moth.

I really should have scanned her before I varnished her. She looks much smoother, and the colors are richer/deeper in real life. Whoops, lesson learned. The scanner is shining off the varnish in a few places.

I had a lot of fun with the details on this one. Tattoos, cloth pattern, coin headdress!

I listened to Golden Compass while painting it.

She's up for sale on ebay, starting bid $10, HERE
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Character Sketch

Just a quick character sketch I've been working on in spare minutes. This is Antuk, a moonchild wanderer from my novel. I think in some ways, of all my characters, she is most like me. Except I'm a little more nice - so she's like me without the internal censor. =)

I've got a little acrylic painting of a fierce moth fairy I'm working on too. I'll try to post a pic of it tomorrow. She's standard ebay fare - I love her, and she's got some really eye-catching colors, but she won't do much to further my career.

I'm going to bang out a few more paintings, maybe some more guys, and submit my portfolio to Baen. I need to pick up some cover work before my book gets picked up.
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One bit at a time...

Don't feel much like painting (or writing, for that matter) since Amazu passed away. I'm used to him sitting in my lap while I work. Here's what the cover looks like so far. Hopefully I can get back to it soon. I know it'll be easier once I put pen to tablet, but I haven't been able to get to that point yet.

I finished a little oil painting, "Illuminate", as well and posted it to ebay. It sold for the buy it now within five minutes of my posting it. Maybe I should charge more.

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Brushing off the dust...

Oh lionfishfancies! How neglected thou hast been!

Since I've finished my novel, I've been seriously thinking about painting some kickass covers. Helen is potential cover #1. This is a sketch for potential cover #2...which also has Helen in it. I can't help that her red hair is such an eye-catcher! I think I may do one with Nehara and Anestan next, taking some "creative liberties" with the story. Or maybe Farahd and Anestan. He could be all noble and she could be all sneaky-looking.

Here's the rough sketch. I'm going to try and do some refining later. I'm very busy this September, and while I'll have time to write, I don't know how much time I'll have to sit my butt in front of this computer (laptop's screen isn't very good with colors + doesn't have the RAM for a big painting like this).

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