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Character Sketch

Just a quick character sketch I've been working on in spare minutes. This is Antuk, a moonchild wanderer from my novel. I think in some ways, of all my characters, she is most like me. Except I'm a little more nice - so she's like me without the internal censor. =)

I've got a little acrylic painting of a fierce moth fairy I'm working on too. I'll try to post a pic of it tomorrow. She's standard ebay fare - I love her, and she's got some really eye-catching colors, but she won't do much to further my career.

I'm going to bang out a few more paintings, maybe some more guys, and submit my portfolio to Baen. I need to pick up some cover work before my book gets picked up.
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antuk's a cutie.

and she verbally PWNZ.
DUDE, she's totally what I pictured she'd look like as I read about her! Her eyes look really lovely! Can't wait to see your new paintings; as I said, I want to buy some!! Let's make this happen. =)
Antuk is cute! Though from a distance a little...scary. Her eyes... The way they look... Kind of intense in its own way.